• Cleon Hodges

Favorite Online D&D 5e Online Resources

Short list of online resources to help grow your D&D game elements!

So I posted this question on our Facebook page the other day and wanted to use this space to share that information.

Not playing 5e? That's ok, some of the resources listed below can be useful to any table-top rpg player or GM looking for inspiration or new ideas! is the official online site for D&D 5e. It has it all but you have to own the digital rights to material, which you can purchase directly from them. is a website that allows you to create and track character sheets. NOTE: this only has the SRD material built in. If you have a character designed with any extra rules from other non-base book materials you will have to add it in manually but the site guides you through that process.

... More to come ...

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